Resolved issues


Fixed the issues where inserting an object from GeoGebra resulted in the inserted object being too large for the page and you were unable to move or resize it. Additionally, written formulas were not being recognized in the GeoGebra widget.

Fixed the issues when drawing a table and then using the Recognize as Table feature, the ink seemed to disappear as the resulting table was displayed off-page.

Fixed the issue when drawing a shape and using the Recognize as Shape feature, the shapes lines were very thick.

Fixed the issue where sometimes when selecting an object with your finger or pen, the object’s options (such as cut, copy, delete, and so on) were disabled.

Fixed the issue when viewing a lesson on a SMART Board display, you were sometimes unable to edit a page that contained an Activity Builder exercise.

Fixed the issue when using SMART Blocks, numbers drawn and connected to the blocks may not have been recognized by the block and showed results.

If a menu is open, you are unable to write on the page in digital ink. Close the menu to write and draw on the page.

Fixed the issue where the Geodreieck measurement tool rotated around its top corner rather than at the center of its base.

Fixed the issue where Set Image Transparency was missing from an image object’s context menu.

Fixed the issue where when enabling the infinite cloner for an object, the icon would not always appear.

Fixed the issue where tables with images weren’t saved.

Fixed the issue where opening .notebook files that had extended pages resulted in content to appear missing or distorted.

When opening a Notebook lesson on a display, the page area no longer appears zoomed out.

The rendering quality of page backgrounds has been improved.

Fixed the issue with the Shape Recognition Pen where the thickness of the recognized shape’s borders did not match the thickness of the pen’s ink.

Fixed an issue with Write Equation where the initial ink color was not applied to the rendered math equation.

Fixed the issue where object animations created in SMART Notebook 22 did not appear or work when the file was opened in SMART Notebook 23.

Exporting to PowerPoint and PDF has been improved in the following ways:

correctly export static images representing math measurement tools

fixed exporting arcs

improved exporting of text-in-shape and text with transparency

Fixed the issue where the Screen Capture button and the SMART Recorder button could not be added to the toolbar when you customized it.

Fixed the issue where two-finger panning and zooming on the canvas did not work.

Fixed the issue when cloning a page with a theme pattern and a background resulted in a page with a black background.

Fixed the issue where objects with a “repeat forever” or a “fade in” animation did not animate properly.

Fixed the issue where using pressure ink on a SMART Board 6000s (V3) display produced large dots at the beginning of an ink stroke.

Fixed the issue when cloning a page with a theme pattern and a background resulted in a page with a black background.


Known issues

Although most of Notebook’s features have been included in the latest release, some features have been deprecated, and others are coming soon. Learn more.

Creating fixed-proportion shapes such as squares and rectangular polygons is more intuitive in SMART Notebook 23 for Windows. If you record a lesson using the Lesson Recorder and you create these shapes, when you playback the recording in SMART Notebook 23 for Mac or in SMART Notebook 22, you may notice some discrepancies.

When recording lessons with the Lesson Recorder, inserting a table, rotating a measurement tool, and protractor arc actions will not be recorded. You may also notice during playback of the recording that the text annotations you added appear out of order.

In some cases, interactive features such as activities, SMART Blocks, and equation editing may become unresponsive after a computer wakes from sleep if SMART Notebook was running at the time of sleep. As a workaround, close then re-open the file.

SMART Notebook currently does not support use of the SMART Document Camera viewer and interaction with 3D Objects while running natively on M1 (or later) processors. To access these features, use Finder to set SMART Notebook to open using Rosetta.