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Rocware Mini Video Soundbar – RC08

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Rocware Mini Video Soundbar – RC08

Rocware Mini Video Soundbar – RC08

All-in-one bionic design, much simpler and easierThe three-in-one design of 1080P full HD camera, High sensitivity omnidirectional microphone and full-frequency loudspeaker reduces wiring and makes video communication much simpler and easier. Unique bionic design, very eye-catching, allows you to get excellent audio-visual experience in video calls.


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Start online video communication anytime, anywhere

At the beginning of the year 2022, Rocware has officially launched the RC08 Owl All-in-one video soundbar. This may be the smallest video soundbar in the world.


Quick zoom, lossless portrait, more convenient for personal use, more additional features.

Acoustic equipment like speakers, performance is proportional to the volume and weight. The modern notebook and computer market is all about thinness, picture quality and price. The thinner the body gets, the less room there is for speakers inside.

Therefore, users who are dissatisfied with the sound quality of their laptops or TVs will often need an external speaker. Among them, the more cost-effective one is the soundbar.

Video soundbar, as the name suggests, is a bar sound with camera function, usually larger in size, and mostly used in enterprise video conferences.

Rocware RC08 is a breakthrough attempt to improve the personal experience by making the video Soundbar sound better than a laptop at this size.


3 meter omnidirectional voice pickup, intelligent 3A algorithm.

Rocware prides itself on its echo noise reduction system, which accurately processes sound, making it possible to make devices smaller and significantly better than before, including call quality, environmental noise reduction, and automatic Gain, EQ adjustment, etc.


The other is the built-in speaker that most mini cameras don’t come with:

Purchasing Harman tuned speakers with duct type sound cavity, high pitch clear and penetrating, natural surging bass, 82dB SPL at 0.5m.


1080P HD, perhaps you haven’t forgotten that we are essentially a USB camera:

90° wide Angle 1080P HD camera, support ePTZ to adjust the angle, 4x digital zoom, face can still be seen clearly in low light.