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EPSON Wireless presentation systems

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EPSON Wireless presentation systems

EPSON Wireless presentation systems

Epson’s new wireless presentation systems make it easy for you to share your screen and increase your productivity.

  1. Plug into a laptop
  2. Click the button
  3. Collaborate on the big screen


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Achieve a wire free meeting room

  1. Plug into a laptop

Just plug the transmitter into your laptop
To connect, plug the transmitter into a USB port.
No need to worry about wireless settings or cables.
No special software to install. No prior preparation.
It’s that easy.

Automatic start-up
Epson display solutions automatically turn on when the transmitter is plugged into a laptop.

Receiver functionality
The receiver functionality is integrated with Epson display solutions reducing your initial costs (ELPWP10 only).

2. Click the Button

Click and share it’s that easy
One click on the app’s button and you are displaying on a big screen.

Intuitive design
It’s simple enough that anyone can use it without special training. Multi-screen display and screen hiding are just as

3. Collaborate on the big screen

Share up to four screens on one big screen
Enhance your productivity by comparing multiple
documents on the big, easy-to-view screen.

Smooth screen switching
Switching to the next presenter’s screen is a breeze. No more interrupting meetings to fiddle with cables or moving
to a seat where the cable can reach.


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