Lumens Document Cameras

A document camera is one of the simplest and fastest ways of integrating technology into the classroom. It captures – in real time- an image for display or saving. A document camera is essentially a high resolution webcam mounted on an arm for easily displaying documents or three dimensional objects.  Document cameras are easy to use, and are suitable for classrooms at varying stages of technology integration. When combined with a data projector, the document camera can create endless new learning opportunities, as well as time and cost savings for the educator.

Watch this video to hear about how document cameras are being used in classrooms around the world:

Enhancing Textbook-Based Learning

Where learning is largely textbook-based, a teacher can display the page from the textbook for the entire class to see. The free Lumens software allows for the presenter to make notes on the image – without defacing the textbook. A presenter can also demonstrate on a worksheet or workbook how to correctly complete an exercise.

Time and Cost Savings

A class test or set of instructions can be displayed using a data projector – eliminating the need to make transparencies, photocopies, or write text out on the board – saving the educator time and saving the school money. Instead of passing an object around the class, it can be displayed on a projector using a Lumens document camera, saving valuable teaching time. The zoom function allowing learners to inspect the object close-up, while the 3D Lumens document camera can even allow for the object to be displayed in three dimensions! Built-in microphone and recording capability allows you to record a lesson for future use or revision.

Choosing a Document Camera document camera by lumens

There are many different brands and models of document camera on the market – it can be difficult to choose the right one for your classroom. At Edit Microsystems we offer a range of document cameras from Lumens, which has won several awards and is widely recognised as the highest quality document camera available. We can help you choose the right one for you and your budget.

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