The annual FREE 5GB Data Campaign forms part of Vodacom’s Disability Awareness Month Campaign and this benefit is only available to disabled customers who have successfully registered their disability with Vodacom.


Customers who have successfully registered their disability with Vodacom will receive 5GB of FREE data for 3 months (Nov 2021, Dec 2021 and Jan 2022). Once successfully registered as a “disabled” customer, your number is automatically loaded onto a system which automatically manages the campaign.


Other benefits for people with disabilities who have successfully registered with Vodacom include:

  • Priority queueing (you don’t have to wait in store for a Consultant)
  • Qualify for special discounted Contract deals
  • Automatically included in Ad Hoc campaigns throughout the year (like the Disability Awareness Month Campaign)


To register with Vodacom as a “disabled” customer, request an Application Form by calling 08212580 FREE from your Vodacom phone or any phone (standard rates apply).


Please note the following before you complete the form:

  • Registering your disability is completely voluntary
  • Your information is strictly confidential
  • Disability means that you experience mobility and communication difficulties in performing daily tasks and that it has been diagnosed by a registered Medical Specialist or Health Professional


Disability Categories:

Blind, partially sighted, speech impaired, Deaf, Hearing Impaired, Physically Disabled, Limited Hand Function, Psychosocial Disability, Learning Disability, Intellectual Disability, Neurological Disability, you are an elderly person/senior citizen


Send the completed form with a copy of your ID number to:


For more information contact: