Welcome to the next generation! 

Coming soon to Windows, Mac and Chromebook, Boardmaker 7 is our most robust solution yet. It’s loaded with 45,000 Picture Communication Symbols, hundreds of pre-made printable templates, and accessible interactive activities.

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Boardmaker 7:

  • Multi-platform solution runs on Windows, Mac & Chromebook*
  • Bring all of your existing content from any version of Boardmaker with you
  • Early support for IT teams to assist with deployment will be available
  • Free trainings kick off Summer 2020

*Available as an Android App through the Google Play Store

Preparing for Boardmaker 7

Click here for IT Resources to prepare for Boardmaker 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you currently use Boardmaker v6 or Boardmaker Studio


1. What’s so great about Boardmaker 7?

Boardmaker 7 takes the best of all previous versions of Boardmaker and rolls those features into one multi-platform, multi-language app that’s designed for modern computers. Boardmaker 7 features a streamlined user interface that puts the tools you need at your fingertips. It includes all the latest PCS, and is backward compatible with all your old boards and activities. This new software will allow you to create and deliver print or interactive curriculum and communication supports faster than ever. If you choose to subscribe to Boardmaker Online, in addition to the software your subscription comes with Activities-to-Go, a thematic, leveled, and editable K-12 curriculum we developed using Boardmaker 7 templates. Boardmaker 7 Standard purchasers can explore a free sample of Activities-to-Go at goboardmaker.com.


2. Why should I plan to upgrade to Boardmaker 7?

If you are a Boardmaker Studio user…

Boardmaker 7 Standard will replace Boardmaker Studio after launch. We will provide support for those who opt to continue running Boardmaker Studio for two years, but we think you will discover some significant benefits in the upgrade. Plus, the user interface is very similar and should make the transition very smooth.

If you are still using Boardmaker v6…

This is the answer to all of our customers who have struggled with not having a disc-drive or are using a Mac. Boardmaker 7 will be a downloaded and installed solution, available in multiple languages, including all available PCS, and will run on run on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks at release.


3. Will Boardmaker 7 be able to do everything that Boardmaker v6 can do?

At launch, Boardmaker 7 will have all the functionality of Boardmaker v6 with the following exceptions. We plan to add these features into the new Editor as quickly as possible.

  • Dual Language Labels
  • Button Keys
  • Moveable Button Tool
  • Multi-word Symbolate
  • Pronunciation Exceptions


4. Will Boardmaker 7 be able to do everything that Boardmaker Studio can do?

Boardmaker 7 will have all the functionality of Boardmaker Studio with the following exceptions. We plan to add these features into Boardmaker 7 as quickly as possible.

  • Gadgets
  • Advanced Action Editing
  • Create/Edit Macros
  • Import Boardmaker v6 Custom PCS libraries
  • Symbol Manager
  • Dictionary Editor


5. I have hundreds of activities that I created with Boardmaker v6. Will I be able to use them? How will I access them?

Boardmaker 7 will open all your Boardmaker v6 and Boardmaker Studio files. When you open a Boardmaker v6 activity, it may take a few seconds to convert that activity to the new format, but you’ll only need to do that once. You can access them by simply opening the files from your local or network drive, or through the Boardmaker Community account if you saved them online.


6. How many PCS symbols are included with Boardmaker 7? How will symbol updates be handled?

Boardmaker 7 will include all PCS that are currently available at the time of release. Subscription users get additional symbols included every two weeks. We plan to release a subscription to symbol updates for anyone who opts to buy Boardmaker 7 Standard.


If you are new to Boardmaker

1. Why Boardmaker?

Boardmaker is a time-tested tool for adapting instructional activities, and creating behavior and communication supports for students with special needs. Boardmaker has been the go-to solution for special education teachers and speech pathologists for 30 years. Boardmaker 7 is our newest product, combining the best features of previous versions into a modern software application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks and in multiple languages. Boardmaker 7 Subscription also comes with our new thematic, editable and leveled curriculum for your students in K-12, created using Boardmaker 7 templates. That means you edit the activities, use them as is, or even as a model to DIY your own activities.


2. Will Boardmaker 7 be a one-time purchase or a subscription?

Your choice! With a subscription, you not only get access to using Boardmaker 7, but also new features as they are released – Activities-to-Go, Reading Avenue, and other curriculum, plus student assignment, data tracking, automatic symbol updates, and much more. If you choose to purchase Boardmaker 7 as a one-time purchase, you will not receive real-time updates to the software and will not receive additional symbols. As we add new features and functionality, you will not get those updates until there is a major release.

System Compatibility

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