Not only is every HoverCam a fantastic in-classroom companion, it was also made from the ground up for remote instruction


Watch and Learn

Click the play button for some tips and tricks to enhance your distance learning efforts with HoverCam.



With HoverCam, Your Remote Teaching Possibilities Are Endless:

  • Work Through Complex Math Equations and Graphs

  • View Books and Documents

  • Diagram Sentences

  • Read-Alongs

  • Conduct Science Experiments

  • Virtual Office Hours

  • Remote Tutoring

  • Mystery Skype

  • Career Tech (CTE) Demonstrations

  • and More!


Your Webcam Was Designed for Your Face.

HoverCam Was Designed for So Much More.

Use it’s Versatlity and Superior Image Clarity to Your Advantage


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Starting a Zoom Class Has Never Been Easier.

Schedule, Start, and Run Zoom Sessions Right From Our Software


Don’t Use Zoom?

We’re also Compatible with Other Video Conferencing Software, Like:

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Skype Google HangoutsGoogle MeetMicrosoft Teams

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Picture in picture

Free Lesson Delivery Software for the Savvy Home-Based Teacher

Annotate Over the Live Camera Image or Desktop

Use with a Webcam for Picture-in-Picture

One-Touch Lesson Recording

Desktop Sharing for Use With 3rd Party Software


Built-in Virtual Whiteboard

Bring images straight from the document camera right into the virtual whiteboard – for your online audience to see!

Use freehand annotation, type digital text, and create shapes and diagrams all through the built-in whiteboard.