Upgrade to Clicker 7

Clicker 7 is the latest version of the much loved, award-winning educational software for all abilities, Clicker.  Clicker 7 offers significantly more support for writing, huge accessibility improvements and a new way of editing Clicker Sets that makes this the easiest version of Clicker yet!

Voice Notes in Clicker 7

Clicker 7 board

What’s New in Clicker 7?

More support for writing

Clicker 7 Voice Notes

A particular favourite of ours is the new Voice Notes in Clicker 7. It’s very simple – at any point in the document a pupil can record a Voice Note (in any language) with just two clicks. It’s a great way for children to say aloud what they’re going to write in their next sentence. Voice Notes appear in the margin, meaning they can be played back at any time, and they’re automatically saved with the document.

Clicker Boards

Another tool that helps children to think about what they are going to write is Clicker Board. It’s great for brainstorming words, which can be linked or moved around anywhere on the page, along with pictures and sounds. As well as being a valuable planning tool for pupils, it’s great to use on a whiteboard – you can even turn your board into a word bank to support writing!


Accessibility Improvements

Clicker 7 and SuperKeysSuperKeys in Clicker 7

SuperKeys is a new way of providing keyboard and grid access for children who find it difficult to target small areas with the mouse or touch screen. We first implemented it on iPad, and it’s been so popular that we had to add it to Clicker 7 too. And in Clicker 7, you can use SuperKeys with any access method – it works as well with eye gaze as it does with mouse or touch.

Eye Gaze Integration

We’re delighted to have achieved eye gaze integration with Clicker 7. The pointer locks on to a cell while it is being selected, eliminating any distracting wobble and providing a visual indication of the timer. Clicker 7 is a great way for eye gaze users to take their first steps with reading and writing.

Clicker Sets editing

Easily Create Lessons

Everyone who has seen Clicker 7 demonstrated has been blown away by how easy it is to create and edit Clicker sets. For example, when you create a Sentence Set (by just typing or pasting your sentences), Clicker knows that it’s a Sentence Set. So whenever you want to make a change, Edit View shows you the relevant options – where you want the model sentence, how you want the words ordered, etc.

The same goes for Connect Sets and Word Banks. No complicated Edit Mode – just the relevant options are shown, making it incredibly easy for teachers and classroom assistants to edit and create Clicker Sets on the fly to help pupils with the topic they are writing about at that moment.  The traditional Edit Mode is still available when you want to add multiple South African languages to Clicker.

Clicker 6 can be used for litera y development in all South African Languages

Come and See Clicker 7 at EduWeek!

Come and see the latest version of Clicker at the Edit Microsystems Inclusive Classroom of the Future at the upcoming African Education Week Show.  Jonathan Reed from Crick Software (UK) will be coming out to meet you at the EduWeek show and will be on our stand answering questions and demonstrating some of the new features in Clicker 7.

To register for EduWeek click here

All South African Languages

At the EduWeek show, we will be demonstrating our proof of concept Clicker lessons using the CAPS Workbooks in all South African languages!

Clicker all SA languages

Upgrade Discounts

For a limited time, significant discounts are available to upgrade from Clicker 6 to Clicker 7.  Please contact Edit Microsystems for pricing.