Training and Professional Development in South Africavodacom project training by Edit Micro

Edit Microsystems believes that professional training and personal development for all our products means that you will get better use out of them and your students, staff and children will receive greater benefit in the long term.

Training means that you will:

·         Understand the full capability of your learning technology
·         Get the most out of your product or software
·         Ensure the sustainable use of and long-term benefit of using an Edit Microsystems product or service

We offer training and professional development online, through recorded videos or live webinars and face-to-face either at our offices or at your premises.  Our online training is a simple, affordable alternative to traditional face-to-face training that allows educators to attend short (average 10-30minute) training sessions in the comfort of their own classrooms or homes.

To find out more about our training and to request training, click here.

SMART Interactive Whiteboard Training and Support

Edit Microsystem’s continued commitment to education in South Africa is evident by the amount of SMARTboards, data SMART Board trainingprojectors, software and on-going training that is provided to schools across the country.

We believe that training is an essential part of the successful use of the SMART Interactive Whiteboard.

A qualified internationally recognised trainer and educational consultant will manage the SMARTboard training at schools.

  • Training is hands on and follows different levels
    • Beginner or Novice
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced or Proficient.
    • Professional development sessions on content creation in different subjects
  • Support to clients ranges from face to face, telephonic and online via Skype and Bridgit software.
  • Our technical team is well-trained and internationally qualified in maintaining SMARTboards on all levels.
  • Support for data projectors extends to swap out units being available during downtimes and replacement bulbs always being on hand so that the client is not without their equipment for long periods of times.


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Educational Software Training and Support

Edit Microsystems provides training and support on all our products, software and services. The training involves sending a skilled training manager to your premises or we can provide online or remote training – whichever suits you best.


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Clicker 6 Training

Clicker training

Edit Microsystems also provides training on the Crick Educational Software Clicker 6 products.

Clicker 6 is the latest version of this widely acclaimed reading and writing software used in over 90% of all UK schools. It is aimed at developing learner’s reading and writing skills and in improving creativity. Learners are able to hear what they write which builds reading and writing confidence.

We will show educators and therapists in the training session how to create activities very easily as well as access pre-created lessons.

Educators are also encouraged to upload their own created lessons for other educators from across the world to use.


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Yenka Training

Edit Microsystems is an approved training and development provider for the Yenka (Crocodile Clips) range of products.

Our training ensures that you get the most out of your Yenka software.

Yenka provides interactive software which is perfect for use on the SMARTboard Interactive Whiteboard. The Yenka software covers topics like Mathematics, Science, Technology, ICT and Computing concepts.

The training will bring these subjects to life and teach you how to use the software to its full potential using animations, simulations and virtual experiments.


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Algodoo Training

We provide training and personal development on the Algodoo science and physics software.

Are you looking for Science software to use on your SMARTboard? Algodoo is a SMART Interactive Whiteboards endorsed software product that gives you an opportunity to play with Physics.

The training will teach you how to draw and interact with physical systems on your computer. You will learn how to build and explore with rigid bodies, fluids, chains, gears, gravity, friction, springs, hinges, etc. Interact by click and drag, tilt and shake. Use colour traces, graphs, forces, etc. for enhanced visualization.

We will also introduce you to the range of webinars, videos and tutorials available on the Algodoo software that will inspire you and your students.


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Special Needs and Inclusive Education Training

Special needs training

We provide training solutions for people with specialised educational needs and special needs. We provide inclusive education practitioners on various assistive devices and software solutions for learners with special needs.

As the sole distributor in South Africa of Humanware products, we provide training on the full range of assistive devices for the visually impaired.


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