The most exciting development in low vision technology has arrived in South Africa! The Prodigi Connect 12 is a game changer for individuals who have low vision. This remarkable new device is an integrated, digital magnifier that is portable and perfect for the connected classroom.

The Prodigi Connect 12 promises to revolutionize the classroom for the visually impaired learner. The device is completely portable as the tablet and stand fold together making it easy to move from classroom to classroom and from home to school. Using a wireless camera the Prodigi Connect 12 can capture whatever is being written on the board by the teacher and sent to the student’s tablet where they can magnify and have the text read back to them. The Prodigi integrates into the connected classroom and students have access to over a million Android apps.

Prodigi Connect 12Prodigi_Connect12 Unit with Dictionary

 An Exclusive First Look

Edit Microsystems, in partnership with Humanware, is proud to be introducing this innovative new technology. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be one of the first to see the new Prodigi! Visit our stand at the South African National Council for the Blind’s 42nd Biennial conference in Bloemfontein tomorrow and Friday for an exclusive first look.