Exciting news! The Pilot X is ready for shipping, Hovercams’ mobile, wireless teaching station allowing instructors to teach anywhere in their room without dangling cables or a power cord. Yeah!
It features a Windows tablet so teachers can work from the mobile podium or pick up the tablet and move it to any student’s desk or work group, casting video images with no lag hence no delay to the screen.
Pilot X gets teachers out into the classroom where students are, away from the front of the room. It’s an important part of the complete classroom solution, allowing teachers to be mobile.
The wireless digital teaching station was honored for “best use of a product in a classroom”

Pilot X includes a 4K document camera, keyboard, rechargeable battery, wireless transmitter and a wireless receiver that plugs into the HDMI port of any display. The podium’s transmitter beams content to any interactive flat panel, projector or TV in resolutions up to 4K, without using WiFi.
Pilot X is ideal for districts implementing flex spaces, STEAM labs, new classrooms, or technology refreshes. The Windows tablet may be imaged and should runs all the software the client uses. The document camera may be folded into the tablet, so teachers can take the tablet home to prepare lessons.