SMART Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) PC modules, the PCM11 series, comes pre-loaded with fully licensed Windows 11 Pro software.

SMART OPS PC modules provide a hassle-free Windows 11 Pro experience designed specifically to work with SMART interactive displays.

The PCM11 series is designed to provide a complete, secure, all-in-one solution for Windows customers.

Additionally, existing SMART OPS PC modules are already Windows 11 ready should customers chose to upgrade their Windows software.

Key features of PCM11 include:

  • Windows 11 ready
  • Next-generation Intel 11 chip
  • Better integrated graphics
  • Faster RAM
  • 2x full function USB Type-C
  • Front panel HDMI Out 4K @60Hz

In addition to the above, SMART OPS PCs with Windows 11 include hotspot capabilities and support Windows Autopilot for easier set up and use.

Wi fi hotspot 

SMART’s OPS PC modules come with hotspot capabilities when connected to a SMART interactive panel, providing Wi Fi for up to 8 devices at a time. Customers can allow external participants to connect securely to their Wi Fi network without compromising the integrity of their native connection.

Windows Autopilot  

SMART OPS PC modules are Windows Autopilot enabled for easier deployment, user configuration and setup. Windows Autopilot allows customers to easily set up new devices with the code provided on the box, getting their users up and running quickly.

Customers also have the option to pre-provision Windows 11 Pro with apps and settings to save time and benefit from a standardized user experience.

Connected peripheral switching 

This feature allows customers to access UVC devices such as webcams and keyboards connected to the SMART display, directly through the OPS PC module.