Proudly Supporting the Advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in South Africa

As proud ambassador for the Bloodhound SSC project, an engineering adventure to design and build the world’s fastest car, Edit Microsystems continues to support the project with its STEM-based education program.

The aim of this Bloodhound SSC is to inspire a generation of scientist, engineers and mathematicians, by building the most sophisticated car ever built. This worldwide education initiative is highly relevant to South Africa, for when the car is built, it will be brought to the world’s fastest racetrack; Hakskeen Pan.

Located in the Northern Cape, Hakskeen Pan is dry, desolate and ideal for running rocket cars. Edit Microsystem, with its STEM department, continue to assist the project with workshops, resources and overall educational initiatives to get as many learners involved in the project.

Rocket Cars Inspire Problem Solversbloodhound car workshop

Earlier this year, Edit Microsystems set up their life-size banner of the car, on the back of a 10m rocket car track, assembled for the rocket car workshop.

As a leader in STEM solutions for schools, the cars were able to be recorded using the Globisens Labdisc, a data-logging device which uses its Motion Sensor to detect the cars as they travel down the tracks! The Labdisc is able to display the information graphically using its software which creates a fantastic curriculum friendly solution for schools.

Just another way we are striving to inspire the next generation of scientists who will take South Africa to new heights!

Story by Christopher Maxwell, STEM Product Manager, Edit Microsystems