Welding Simulation for Skills Development at Nuwe Hoop LSEN School.

Tucked away in Pretoria, one forward-thinking school for learners with special education needs is using virtual welding simulation to prepare more learners for the world of welding and entrepreneurship.

Edit Microsystems are proud to have worked with Nuwe Hoop Special Needs (LSEN) School for many years, as one of our flagship schools using technology such as SMART Boards Clicker to support the development of learners of all abilities.   It has been, once again, a pleasure to work with the school on introducing welding simulation into their skills curriculum through the generous sponsorship of the Telkom Foundation.

Skills Development

Recognising the dire shortage of qualified welders in South Africa, alongside a high unemployment rate, it is critical that we train as many welders as possible in the upcoming years.  LSEN Schools have, for many years, been focused on upskilling their learners for the workplace, equipping them with trades such as hairdressing, upholstery and welding.  The Telkom Foundation have generously donated a real Mig welding machine and a virtual welding simulator to Nuwe Hoop School workshop, enabling Roedolf Smit, to train his learners in one of the most technologically advanced workshops in the country.

Dedicated Fundraising

Nuwe Hoop school have employed several innovative fundraising mechanisms to raise money for their school. The school host an annual golf day, which is a highlight of their fundraising calendar. In line with their entrepreneurial skills focus, learners are involved in many of their fundraising activities, including a weekly car wash and tea garden, both on a Friday. Parents and community members also support the school through use of the free MySchool Card. The Telkom Foundation have supported the school for several years, and are very excited to see the success of their latest workshop project.

Exciting New Technology

The hype around the new welding simulator is so great that learners from the academic stream want to come over to the entrepreneurial stream and learn welding, and students from other schools in the community want to come to the school to learn how to weld.

Since introducing the welding simulator, Smit has found that the learners are more motivated and better equipped by the time they reach the real Mig welder.  He is currently looking into fundraising options to obtain more welding simulators for the workshop.