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Zygo Ad-1 Standard Head Pointer (Adult)

Editmicro » Zygo Ad-1 Standard Head Pointer (Adult)

Zygo Ad-1 Standard Head Pointer (Adult)

Zygo Ad-1 Standard Head Pointer (Adult)

RT275-2020 Item No. 1-16


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RT275-2020 Item No. 1-16 …

Head pointer with rod with iPad stylus tip. Chin pointing location, fitted to head sizes 20 to 25 inches in circumference.

AD-1 Head Pointer

These head-worn pointers represent a significant design advancement in providing efficient pointing from a psychologically and cosmetically sound perspective: the chin. Unlike forehead protrusion pointers, using an “out from the chin” device more realistically places the pointer in proximity to the item(s) being accessed. It also eliminates the unsightly barrier imposed by forehead pointers because it doesn’t interrupt either the wearer’s field of vision or the full view of the wearer’s face.

These AD Head Pointers have also just been upgraded to include a brand new tip so they can be used with iPadiPhone, and iPod Touch, as well as other touch screen tablets including Android and all other AAC dynamic display devices.

The AD-1 Standard Pointer * is fully adjustable; capable of being individually fitted to head sizes from 20-25 inches in circumference.

AD Head Pointer Characteristics:

• Lightweight aluminum and plastic construction.

• Fully and independently adjustable headband and yoke/pointer assemblies.

• All new tip for iPadAndroid tablet, and other AAC touch screens.

• Comfortable forehead and back cushions.

• Adjustable chin strap available in two colors (brown/beige).

• Translucent, conforming soft plastic chin cup.


All new head pointer TIP characteristics:

• Made of conductive fabric.

• More sensitive and accurate.

• Fabric will not scratch screens.

• Will work on any conductive touch screens.

• More durable than previous tips.

• Features the latest technology for touch screen rods.


* Developed in the field by the Rehabilitation Engineering Center, Children’s Hospital at Stanford (Palo Alto, CA).


Product information


Size Temple to yoke: 10 in. (22 cm)

Pointer length: 10 in. (25cm)

Weight 8 oz. (230g)



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