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Zoom-Ex (end of life – refer to Prodigi Connect 12)

Edit Microsystems » Zoom-Ex (end of life – refer to Prodigi Connect 12)

Zoom-Ex (end of life – refer to Prodigi Connect 12)

Zoom-Ex (end of life – refer to Prodigi Connect 12)


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The Zoom-Ex is a durable but lightweight portable scanner device and is the world’s first instant book’s to speech tool. It scans the document, then magnifies the captured text and wraps the lines on-screen for easy reading. The device consists of a 2 ½ inch digital camera. The Zoom-Ex is a designed stand which serves as a guide for lining up the book or order document to be scanned. The camera is always at the exact distance needed to create a clear image, for blind users they  will always know exactly where to place the material to be scanned.



  • Select a Synthetic voice of your choice.
  • Text to Speech available.
  • To assist the blind  there are instructions and voice indicators available.
  • Photographing allows for instant scanning.
  • Fastest OCR (image-to-text) to date.
  • The Zoom-Ex offers instant capture with a still camera.
  • The patented motion detector allows for scanning 20 pages p/min without pushing a button, virtually hands free.
  • Once the flat page that is held at 4 corners is sensed as still, the image gets saved.
  • Allows for scanning odd pages separately from even ones, including upside down, the software will sort the pages properly.
  • Allows for capturing both pages at a time.
  • The camera field of view is easily felt by contact with edges at a right angle.
  • Create your own large print books by printing your pages.


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