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Ultimate Typing (Cloud)

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Ultimate Typing (Cloud)

Ultimate Typing (Cloud)


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Ultimate Typing

Learn to type like a pro using our easy-to-use, typing tutor software for schools.

Product Features

The teacher admin function like no other touch typing program where they can track student’s progress and add users. The Cloud version is specifically designed for schools.

The Ultimate Typing tutoring software uses tutoring software based on advanced software and video. The program incorporates key experts in the typing field to show you how to type quickly and more efficiently.

Ultimate Typing can provide over 220 expert-designed lessons, 600 additional practice activities, and other features to keep track of your progress and for your practice and lessons and drills.

Teachers have progress tracking so that you will know whether or not you are getting better or worse in your progress, speed, word count, accuracy, and efficiency.

The program is exceptionally modern and easy to use.


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