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Transparent Eyegaze Frame With Stand

Editmicro » Transparent Eyegaze Frame With Stand

Transparent Eyegaze Frame With Stand

Transparent Eyegaze Frame With Stand

RT275-2020 Item No. 1-10


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RT275-2020 Item No. 1-10 …

Clear screen to allow your own choice of letters, words, images or symbols to enable
communication at a glance!

The Frame is a portable, lightweight and sturdy, No-Tech communication solution for people who have reasonably good eye pointing skills. The frame is a rectangular sheet of clear Perspex (with a central square hole) to which symbols can be easily attached that can be mounted vertically such that it may sit on a desk or table top.


How to Use :-

The attached ‘symbols’ may be letters (supplied), words, symbols, or pictures (or other) placed around
the outer edge of both sides of the frame. A User sits on one side of the frame and a ‘Reader’ sits
opposite such that he/she can easily see where the User is looking and read the ‘symbols’ chosen.
The symbol configuration may be simple or complex depending on the cognitive and language skills
of the User. For example, at a simple level the frame may be used to indicate a choice between
pictures of two items. At a more advanced level, when the alphabet is used, letters are normally
grouped/blocked and colour coded. The User indicates the block first and then the colour of the
letter within the block.