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The HomeAware Internal Smoke /CO Listener Package – HA360MKSB

Edit Microsystems » The HomeAware Internal Smoke /CO Listener Package – HA360MKSB

The HomeAware Internal Smoke /CO Listener Package – HA360MKSB

The HomeAware Internal Smoke /CO Listener Package – HA360MKSB


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Let this HomeAware smoke detector package alert you to smoke or CO. Allow the HomeAware smoke detector package to awaken you immediately.

Are you concerned about fire or carbon monoxide (CO) emergencies? Have you gone through preparation in case of it? This smoke detector may be what you need. Among the best smoke alarms out there, it can wake you up quickly via its 110 dB alarm, bed shaker, flashing strobe light, and two-inch scrolling display.

A smoke detector function can come in handy if you have these struggles. This smoke detector has a built-in microphone that will detect T3 (smoke) or T4 (CO) alarms. The smoke detector is ready for installation and can be wirelessly linked to your main unit. While it is among the best smoke alarms out there, the smoke detector also features an alarm clock part to it, which can alert you to phone calls.

This is the best smoke detector out there. It can do so much more as alert you to things such as dogs barking and mobile phone calls. You can also extend the range up to 1,000 feet with additional receivers. Connecting old Sonic System remote receivers is possible through the Sonic Bridge unit, the HA360BU, with an updated HomeAware system.

Don’t look in any other director for the best smoke detector. This smoke detector is right here for you now!

Additional accessories include the HomeAware Deluxe Remote Receiver, the HomeAware Basic Receiver, the Smoke and CO (Carbon Monoxide) detection transmitters, the Baby Cry monitoring transmitter, the SonicBridge, and the HomeAware smartphone application.

Alerts you to:

  • smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) emergencies 
  • Caller ID for landline and video phone calls 
  • Included: an easy to install wireless doorbell


  • Dual alarm clock with programmable alarm and snooze duration 
  • Flashing strobe 
  • scrolling alert messages via large two-inch display 
  • Powerful bed shaker and adjustable volume of up to 105 dB 
  • Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware™ receivers 
  • Monitors connection links between alerting unit
  • Extend the range with additional receivers 
  • USB port for charging your cell phone while you sleep 
  • Full battery backup

INCLUDES: HA360M (with Smoke/CO Listener), HA360V, & HA360DB