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Sonnet FM System

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Sonnet FM System

Sonnet FM System


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Sonnet is FM wireless equipment, which could be used by people with hearing aids and coсhlear implants. It allows to distinguish voice of speaker from external noise. Distance from source doesn’t influence quality of a signal. Build in volume control enable listener set comfort level of sound. Having both in-built and remote microphones, this system allows people with hearing impairment to hear their own voice and control pronunciation. Easy to use and connect all elements.

  • Real time speech transformation into electrical signal
  • Transmission of acoustic information via an FM receiver or via hook to the hearing aid.
  • Ready to use set of equipment for excursions, lessons, lectures, negotiations
  • Convenient case for transportation and fast charging of devices.

Depending on requirements system could be used individually and by group:

Sonnet Individual System: mobile radio FM system consist of 1 transmitter, 1 receiver and charger. Sonnet can be successfully used in individual speech skills trainings with hearing-impaired children both in correctional institutions and at home. Used as an additional means of rehabilitation in working with children after cochlear implantation. With integrated learning environment, students with impaired hearing can give radio transmitter to the speaker (teacher or other student) in order to be able participate in the class during the lesson.

Sonnet Radio Class: mobile radio FM systems consist of a 1 transmitter with microphone, receivers (up to 11 workstations), storage case with built-in charger, can be equipped with induction loops, BTE inductors, headphones. Sonnet system could be used in Schools and Universities (including sport activities), Negotiations, Museums, Concert Halls, Sport Buildings. Compatible with all hearing aids with induction coil.

Sonnet FM