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Sonic Shaker Shake Alarm Clock

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Sonic Shaker Shake Alarm Clock

Sonic Shaker Shake Alarm Clock


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Prepare For Your Trip With This Shake Alarm Clock! Wake Properly With The Recommended Shake Alarm Clock!
Preparing for a trip can be a bit of a hassle. You always have a schedule and have to wake up. That’s where your favorite shake alarm clock comes in handy! The Sonic Shaker Travel Alarm Clock will have you on-time for your travel departures, whether it be car, train, or plane. While on your trip, the Sonic Shaker Travel Alarm Clock will awaken you when necessary, whether it be through use of the loud alarm or the bed shaking function. Leave your worries behind and let the Sonic Shaker assist you in your prep time!

The Sonic Shaker Shake Alarm Clock FEATURES:

• 90 dB Loud alarm 
• Sonic Shaker™ bed vibrating unit 
• Pop-up display with convenience light (manually lighted display up to 50% longer battery life) 
• Test button to test batteries, vibrator and sound operation 
• Easy to set function keys 
• Easy to read .75″ display 
• Continuous four-minute Snooze setting 
• Swivel & flush mounted display protects settings
• New green power technology now uses 60% less energy 

• One-year warranty