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SMART Meeting Pro

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SMART Meeting Pro

SMART Meeting Pro


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SMART Meeting Pro (only available for SMART hardware)

SMART Meeting Pro is a software program that allows you to collaborate in conferences, business meetings anytime and anywhere. The software program ensures a collaborative experience and rich interactivity between business associates in different locations. The SMART Meeting Pro loads automatically allowing you to start your meeting as soon as you login and collaborate instantly. The SMART Meeting Pro is compatible with SMART’s Lync Room System



  • Familiar lync features consist of a conversion window Lync tool bar and stage area
  • Write in digital ink on an interactive whiteboard, any application, document or webpage. Notes can be made for everyone to see in real time, allows for saving in native file format.
  • Easy whiteboarding with large format file sizes and save or send in a PDF, whiteboard file format and powerpoint.
  • SMART Meeting Pro includes tools such as a handwriting-to-text converter, shape creator and image gallery.
  • Capture notes and save into any application and send them to colleagues instantly ensuring that your projects are running on time.
  • SMART Meeting Pro toolbar allows for switching from whiteboarding to interacting with applications and websites.
  • SMART Meeting Pro can be integrated with SMART Bridgit Conferencing software.
  • Allows for unlimited collaborative workspace.
  • Radar View keeps a map-style overview showing  your content, current location and content that is outside of your current location. Allows you to navigate to different areas of your workspace.
  • Pan, Zoom and rotate images.


Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows PC


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