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SMART Board 6065-V2 (SPNL-6065-V2)

Edit Microsystems » SMART Board 6065-V2 (SPNL-6065-V2)

SMART Board 6065-V2 (SPNL-6065-V2)

SMART Board 6065-V2 (SPNL-6065-V2)


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The SMART Board 6065‑V2 interactive flat panel combines SMART’s proprietary DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology with the premium touch experience of SMART Learning Suite, including SMART Notebook software.

The 65″ 4K ultra-high-definition LED display provides optimal image clarity and wide viewing angles. With the Pen ID feature, you can assign different appearances to the two pens and write or draw over any application in digital ink.

Object awareness allows you to perform mouse functions with your finger, write in digital ink with the pen, and erase with your palm or eraser—all without switching tools or modes. You can use a variety of gestures in applications, and two users can write or draw at the same time.



134 lb. (60.9 kg)

Shipping dimensions (including pallet)

69 1/4″ × 49 5/8″ × 11 7/8″ (175.8 cm × 126.1 cm × 30.3 cm)

Shipping weight

181 lb. (82.1 kg)


All dimensions ± 1/8″ (0.3 cm). All weights ± 2 lb. (0.9 kg).