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SMART Board 6065 Interactive Panel for Education only

Edit Microsystems » SMART Board 6065 Interactive Panel for Education only

SMART Board 6065 Interactive Panel for Education only

SMART Board 6065 Interactive Panel for Education only


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The SMART Board 6065 is an interactive flat Panel with a dual touch allowing students to collaborate interactively. SMART introduces its multi -colour Pen ID display allowing for engagement between students seamlessly collaborating by using different colour ink with the pens. The SMART Board Interactive Flat Panel is cost effective and user friendly offering multiple ways to collaborate leaving students, focused, excited and engaged.



  • Brings lesson content to life with the Ultra HD 4K imagery resolution ensuring that students remain engaged from anywhere in the classroom.
  • The flat Panel provides premium touch experiences with its low friction coated surface which delivers a natural touch functionality resulting in lessons running as seamlessly as the display’s responsiveness.
  • The Pen and Object ID feature detects whether you are using your pen, eraser, finger or palm, saving you confusion and time spent on detecting which mode you are in.
  • SMART’s first Pen ID display allows for two users  to collaborate  with different coloured ink pens simultaneously creating more interactive engaging experiences. This eliminates you to be locked into the choice of your partner.
  • Seamless collaboration allowing two students to simultaneously use the touch gestures on the display and develop essential collaborative skills without even realizing it.
  • The SMART Notebook software is integrated with the SMART Board 6065 model  interactive flat panelfor immediate engagement


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