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SMART Board® 6000 Pro series for Business

Edit Microsystems » SMART Board® 6000 Pro series for Business

SMART Board® 6000 Pro series for Business

SMART Board® 6000 Pro series for Business


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The SMART Board 6000 Pro series reduces meeting time by looping in more minds, insights, and perspectives at once which is great for brainstorming. SMART Boards with iQ lets your team switch with a tap, from showing a video to presenting quarterly results to surfing the Internet. The 6000 Pro series is compatible with all wireless devices without downloading any apps or install extra hardware.

The 6000 Pro series boards come in a 65 inch and a 75 inch

Key Features


SMART Meeting Pro® software: SMART Meeting Pro workspaces are unbound and virtually unlimited.

Silktouch™ technology: The most accurate and responsive touch experience from corner-to-corner.

SMART ink™ technology: Lets you write over websites, videos, PDFs and Microsoft Office® files and save your notes in almost any file type.

Pen ID™: Using different colored ink, multiple team members can write over almost any file type at the same time.

Object awareness™: The Object awareness™ technology recognizes when you’re using a finger (touch/drag), pen (write) or fist (erase).

4K Ultra HD resolution: Durable commercial-grade, glare-free LED panels to display brilliantly detailed 4K Ultra HD images, text, and video (3840 x 2160 pixels).