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Simple Switch Interface

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Simple Switch Interface

Simple Switch Interface

RT275-2020 Item No. 3-17

Simple Switch Interface is a simple, convenient way to connect up to two switches to a computer to access most assistive technology software packages.


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RT275-2020 Item No. 3-17 …


Simple Switch Interface is a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to connect up to two switches to your computer to access most assistive technology software.


To provide switch access to most AT software, Space and Enter is often all that you will need. However, if you are using the product as a method of providing mouse switches, it may be set to Left and Right click. Alternatively, access to Clicker from Crick may be provided by selecting F7/F8 and similarly, access to The Grid from Smartbox can be gained by using Gamepad 1 and 2.


Whatever the appropriate switch functions, Simple Switch Interface retains the settings even when powered down so it will always be set the way you want it.


As with all Pretorian products, no drivers are required, making it ideal for installation on computers which are under maintenance contracts.


† Trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are acknowledged.


  • Supports Space/Enter, Left Click/ Right Click, F7/F8 (for Clicker†) and Gamepad 1 and 2 (for The Grid†)
  • Retains mode setting even when powered down
  • Does not require drivers
  • Two 3.5mm sockets to connect your own choice of switches


Used For

  • Computer Access
  • Tablet Access – Android
  • Switch Activities
  • Environmental Control