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Portable Talking Computer for the Blind

SAnote is a portable fully functional talking computer for the Blind. It is manufactured and distributed in South Africa. SAnote software is customisable to individual needs but also is ready-to-use out-the-box. SAnote looks like a standard qwerty keyboard.

However, it provides the user with feedback through synthesised speech. Its user interface is an easy to use menu navigation system. It allows you to browse the web, use the scientific calculator and post to Twitter – to name a few applications. The system offers braille support for external braille displays as well. It has enhanced audio functionality that enables playback and audio recording.

This computer is available in English, Sepedi, Afrikaans and Setswana. Switching between languages is an option with one key stroke, and without leaving the programme currently running.

With SAnote you can:

  • Listen to speech synthesis in English, Afrikaans, Sepedi and Setswana
  • Copy, move, rename, delete and print files
  • Send and receive emails (smtp/pop3)
  • Play, record and edit audio files in most popular audio formats
  • Browse the web
  • Access Twitter
  • Read (Daisy 2.02 format)
  • Lookup words in the offline dictionary
  • Use the scientific calculator, unit conversion and word-processing utilities
  • Create customisable databases
  • Share files with other devices like your mobile phone
  • Listen and copy audio or data CDs, and DVDs