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RealCare Total Parenting Experience

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RealCare Total Parenting Experience

RealCare Total Parenting Experience


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The Total Parenting Experience is a complete solution offering real-life experiences that address pregnancy, substance abuse education, child care skills, and Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The programme can be used for teenage pregnancy prevention or to teach parenting skills.

The Total Parenting Experience consists of 5 simulators and curriculum:

Research has shown that the RealCare Programme offers a highly effective evidence-based approach to preventing teenage pregnancies and teaching valuable parenting skills that will be used later in life. The RealCare Programme has been used in parenting and teen pregnancy prevention programmes around the world, including Australia, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

During a simulation, the RealCare Baby’s appearance and behaviours replicate those of a real baby. A participant must provide proper infant care – feeding, burping, rocking and changing the baby according to a schedule programmed by the instructor. Several schedules of varying difficulty are available, each based on the experiences of real-life parents. An internal computer records the participant’s response to each care event, as well as temperature, clothing and time spent in the car seat. At the end of the simulation, the RealCare Baby communicates wirelessly with the Control Centre Software to submit a report on the participant’s performance.

The Pregnancy Profile Simulator is a vest that simulates the look and feel of the third trimester of pregnancy.

The Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drug-Affected Baby simulators mimic the potential results of substance abuse during pregnancy.

The Shaken Baby simulator demonstrates the brain damage caused by shaking an infant.

Altogether, the Total Parenting Experience provides a holistic and innovative approach to teaching parenting skills and promoting healthy choices.


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TotalParentingExperience Brochure


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