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RealCare Shaken Baby Simulator

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RealCare Shaken Baby Simulator

RealCare Shaken Baby Simulator


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This advanced infant simulator demonstrates the devastating brain damage that can be caused by just a few seconds of shaking an infant.

  •  The SBS Simulator cries inconsolably, just like a real baby sometimes will
  • When shaken, accelerometers inside the head measure the force on the brain.
  • The crying stops abruptly
  • Through the clear skull of the simulator, LED lights light up to show damage to specific areas of the brain in real time.

Combined with a curriculum that helps establish a plan for coping with an inconsolable baby, the Shaken Baby simulator provides critical information and a powerful demonstration.

The SBS simulator is the final component of the Total Parenting Experience for teenage pregnancy prevention and parenting skills.

Watch The Doctors demonstrate RealCare Shaken Baby

Download the Total Parenting Experience Brochure

TotalParentingExperience Brochure


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