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RealCare Baby 3 Infant Simulator

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RealCare Baby 3 Infant Simulator

RealCare Baby 3 Infant Simulator


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RealCare Baby is a highly sophisticated computerised baby simulator for teenage pregnancy prevention and parenting skills, enabling a participant to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

RealCare Baby Simulation Programme

  •  The RealCare baby will cry for care at all hours, day and night, interrupting the caregiver’s sleep.
  • The caregiver must then figure out what Baby needs: to be fed, burped, changed or rocked.
  • A unique wireless ID is attached to the caregiver’s wrist to ensure accountability.
  • The Baby’s internal software tracks the care the Baby was given, as well as how the Baby was handled throughout the simulation, what Baby wore and how long Baby spent in the car seat (sold separately), as well as the external ambient temperature.
  • At the end of the simulation, a detailed report is downloaded to the instructor’s computer.

The RealCare Baby is an evidence-based programme for teenage pregnancy prevention as well as for teaching valuable parenting skills to be used later in life.  The extensive accompanying curriculum focuses on healthy choices, infant care and parenting.

The RealCare Baby is the core component of the Total Parenting Experience

Download the Total Parenting Experience Brochure

TotalParentingExperience Brochure


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