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Prodigi Tablet 5″ – (Prodigi Tablet Alone) + A4 Tablet Stand

Edit Microsystems » Prodigi Tablet 5″ – (Prodigi Tablet Alone) + A4 Tablet Stand

Prodigi Tablet 5″ – (Prodigi Tablet Alone) + A4 Tablet Stand

Prodigi Tablet 5″ – (Prodigi Tablet Alone) + A4 Tablet Stand


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Prodigi Tablet handheld electronic magnifier

Prodigi Tablet Handheld electronic magnifier is a handheld device that is touch screen where readings are magnified for comfortable and efficient visualization with sustainable image quality. Its uses touch and tap controls on the front of the touch screen device whereby the user can adjust the text to size, colour contrast, orientation or speed and can also read the text back to the user. It takes pictures and stores it in the user’s gallery.


  • Diamond Edge TextTM – allows for words and letters to be outlined with sharp lines and maintains magnification with good readable quality words, and can be read back to the user
  • Full Page Capture- Prodigy captures a copy of the full page and allows the navigation bar to move around the document and magnify the page enabling Optimal reading by a press of a single button to display the text. It can read the entire book aloud
  • Reading Modes reads a single line for scrolling words with adjustable speed, and with a simple touch, you can stop, start, magnify and adjust speed to suit the user’s distinctive needs
  • The user’s preference of headphones plugged into the device allows the user to listen to the text privately


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