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Penfriend XL 4.1

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Penfriend XL 4.1

Penfriend XL 4.1


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The Penfriend XL 4.1 is an application tool specially designed for users with Dyslexia or physical disabilities. The application allows users to add word prediction, speech and consist of multiple onscreen keyboards.



  • Works in 9 European languages.
  • The application allows users to add word prediction, speech and an onscreen keyboard which is compatible with most other software programmes.
  • New and improved abbreviation expansion.
  • works with your word processor and tries to guess the word you are typing when the first, second and third letter has been entered.
  • Complete the word with one key press.
  • Learns the words you used recently and frequently and improves when you use it.
  • saving feature allows for work to be saved by each individual user enabling easy access for teachers.
  • Includes an edit and add topic feature for vocabulary.
  • Offers support to users with special needs, assisting with spelling, speed and confidence of composing text.


Technical Specifications

  • XP Windows CD-Rom single user PC
  • XP Portable single user USB


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