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Participation Box

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Participation Box

Participation Box

Control household appliances by means of a switch in a simple way and perform hundreds of activities


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This device allows you to control any electrical appliance by means of a switch. All you need is a Participation Box and your favorite switch, no matter how you control it: by pressing with a hand or finger, blowing or sucking, moving a wand, closing your hand, etc.


How does it work?

Start using this small junction box, similar to a plug ‘thief’, in just three steps:

  1. Connect any appliance that has an ON/OFF button to the Participation Box.
  2. Plug it into the electrical outlet
  3. Connect your push button to the Participation Box and control your appliances 🙂


This device is suitable only for devices that can be started by plugging them directly into the power supply.



Choose from 3 different activation modes: directtimed and latched (On/Off).


Plug the appliance that you wish to control into the socket located on the box and your switch into the switch input. Now you are ready to control the appliance with your switch!

Suitable for

  • Physical disabilities: spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disorders…
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Brain injuries: ictus, traumatic brain injury…
  • Learning disabilities



  • This product is available for: EU (BJ-241), UK (BJ-241-UK), Australia (BJ-241-AU) and USA ( BJ-241-US).
  • One switch input for 3.5 mm mono jack plug (female).
  • Output for 3.5 mm single jack socket.
  • Power: 230 VAC.
  • Maximum power supply: 250V
  • Size: 105 x 59 x 50 mm.
  • Compatible with switch.
  • 6 available timed positions between 2 and 90 seconds.