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Magic Carpet


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The Magic Carpet Sensory Interactive Floor

The Magic Carpet is a remarkable interactive floor projection system that enables users to engage with sensory games and images simply by moving on or over the projected surface.  The magic carpet can be used by individuals with all abilities, and can be accessed with the whole body, and even eye gaze technology.

The system encourages user interaction and teaches cause and effect in a fun and intuitive way.  It is incredibly easy to use, and even the slightest movement can cause an interaction with the image.  The magic carpet engages visual, auditory and tactile senses, making it ideal for sensory integration and sensory rooms.

The Magic Carpet comes pre-loaded with a wide range of applications suitable for users of all ages and abilities.

Suitable for a range of health, play and educational settings, and especially in sensory rooms
Easily customisable for individual needs
Choose between a fixed installation or mobile system.

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