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LaserBand 2 Advanced Wristbands

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LaserBand 2 Advanced Wristbands

LaserBand 2 Advanced Wristbands


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Zebra’s self-laminating LaserBand 2 Advanced direct print laser wristbands feature an advanced shape and design that makes assembly easy and allows the wristband to lie flat on the wrist to enable quick scanning, while providing superior patient comfort.

Features Include

Self-laminating design protects printed text and barcodes
Tamper-evident, adhesive closure
Wristband extender to fit a wide range of wrist sizes
Available in adult, pediatric and infant sizes, as well as a labor and delivery format

Zebra’s self-laminating direct-print laser wristbands feature the
ability to print wristbands and labels on one sheet utilizing existing laser printers.
• Patented self-laminating seal protects the wristband from moisture and hand-sanitizers, preserving patient data for longer wristband usability.
• Ability to simultaneously print patient chart labels and the wristband on one sheet, streamlining patient admissions.
• Available with hole-punches for securement into patient charts.
• Adhesive-free zones around form edges and holes prevent printer jams and reduces costly printer maintenance.
• Enables quick deployment of a bar-coded wristband solution without the need for a separate printer for wristbands.