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Laptop Carts


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Laptop Carts

The Laptop Carts are used in educational and training establishments where numerous laptops are integrated into a multifunctional classroom, allowing students to work from wireless workstations as well as enabling the sharing of the resources between classrooms. Laptop Carts only require one power outlet from which it charges any laptops contained within it simultaneously, instead of traditional computer labs that require a separate outlet point for each computer. The mobility of the cart also gives schools the opportunity to move it from class to class depending on student needs.

The Laptop Carts come in three sizes:

12 Bay Laptop Cart

24 Bay Laptop Cart

36 Bay Laptop Cart


  • Intelligent power panel
  • Smart interior design which prevents cable chaos
  • High-quality ball bearing wheels and sturdy handles that secure high mobility
  • A fixed fan ensures charging, without unnecessary increase in temperature
  • High-strength mobile laptop storage and charging cart.