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Labdisc Mini Mobile Science Laboratory

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Labdisc Mini Mobile Science Laboratory

Labdisc Mini Mobile Science Laboratory


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Labdisc Mini Mobile Science Laboratory

The new Mini labdisc is a compact wireless science lab, integrating 7 sensors for enquiry based science learning.  The Mini is designed to be the most affordable science data logger for primary and high schools.


  • Built-in and accessible: Key sensors for K-12 science
  • External temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, voltage, current, air pressure, pH (electrode sold separately).
  • Wireless communication – for convenient and clean data logging
  • Economical and versatile science learning tool
  • Single button operation
  • Compact clip for easy and secure tablet or belt attachment
  • Advanced GlobiLab analysis application for Android, iOS, PC, Mac
  • Rich curriculum suite for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science
  • Long battery life with over 150 hours between charges
  • Transforming the GlobiMate Intel Tablet into a powerful 10-sensor laboratory




Ambient Temperature – Range: -10 to 50 °C; Accuracy: ±2 °C

External temperature – Range: -25 to 125 °C; Accuracy: ±2 °C

Air pressure – Range: 0 – 300 kPa; Accuracy: ±2.5 kPa

Voltage – Range: -30V to +30V; Accuracy: ±2 %

Current – Range: 0 to 1A; Accuracy: ±2 %

Relative Humidity – Range: 0 – 100% RH; Accuracy: ±5 % (10%-90%RH)

pH – Range: 0 – 14 pH; Accuracy: ±2%

MMI Single key, LED indication

Memory Data logging capability with 16,000 samples memory storage

Communication Bluetooth 2.0 wireless communication

Sampling rate From 1 per minute to 25,000 per second

Sampling resolution 12b (4096 levels)

Battery 3.6V LiPO

Battery life 150 hours when sampling at 1/min. 12 hours when sampling at other sampling rates

Charger 5V, 2A

Weight (gr) 150

Dimension (mm) Diameter: 80, Height: 25