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KAZ Typing Tutor

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KAZ Typing Tutor

KAZ Typing Tutor


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Teaching the world to type

✓ NEW for Special Education/Dyslexia
✓ Proven with ages 6 – Adult
✓ Affordable Education Pricing
✓ FREE 14 – Day Trial

KAZ in Education – Simple, fast and effective learning

The need for schools to equip students with the ‘life skill’ of touch typing has never been more essential. Research has shown that touch typists work faster, smarter and with much less stress. Freeing students from 2 finger ‘hunt and pecking’ and teaching them to type correctly builds confidence in using a computer, saves time, increases work rate, allows them to excel in creative writing and prepares them for the future.

KAZ’s simple method requires minimum supervision and is effective for all ages 6 to adult. Learn from school, home or anywhere.

If individuals with special educational needs / dyslexia are equipped with the correct tools, they stand a greater chance of reaching their full potential. It has been proven that touch typing and using a computer are formidable and life-changing tools that open doors for individuals with special educational needs, presenting a powerful new medium for learning and communicating.

Cloud-based OR local install (Win/Mac)
Students access KAZ from school and home, with all progress recorded for teachers to review. Other delivery options are available. Browsers supported Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox