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IRIScan Book 5

IRIScan Book 5


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IRIScan Book 5

Scan books and magazines anytime, anywhere and without ripping pages off thanks to the brand new IRIScan Book 5 : the world’s fastest book scanner

Compatible with Windows   Apple IOS 

Available versions:

– IRIScan Book 5
– IRIScan Book 5 Wifi

The perfect device to scan books & magazines !

Using IRIScan Book 5 is incredibly easy : simply roll your way across the document you want to scan and you will instantly get a high resolution result up to 1200 DPI ! Thanks to the high quality optical sensor and the wheels under the scanner, scanning has never been more fast and stable : it’ll only take you down to one second, regardless of what you are scanning. If you scan binded documents, you won’t need to tear pages off. You can even turn books into eBooks – you can then relax and simply listen to the content being read to you!.

Scan at 1 second per page only

Ever felt the urge to keep a digital trace of a document in front of you but felt discouraged by the whole scanning process ? This now belongs to the past. IRIScan Book 5 will turn your book pages, magazine articles and favorite pictures into high quality images or PDF in the blink of an eye. Forget scanners that need pre-heating and a long scanning time : IRIScan Book 5 scans at the incredible speed of 1 second per page (1 second in B&W, 2 seconds for a color document). You can then immediately preview your scans on the 1,5″ color screen. Thanks to the included InstantResult™, you can even see your scans appear in real time on your screen !

Use it anywhere, without a computer

IRIScan Book 5 is a very compact and lightweight scanner that fits easily in your bag – which makes it perfect for carrying around. Powered by a lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery and provided with a MicroSD card, this book scanner works anywhere without having to be connected to a computer ! All of this makes this device especially useful for on-the-go actors and people travelling for work. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on a business trip, your IRIScan Book 5 will always be at your side, ready to quickly scan anything.

Keep a digital trace of your documents, notes and more

IRScan™ Book 5 is not only a great book scanner, it can also simply scan your documents, notes or even you kids’ drawings. Always keep a digital trace of documents that matter to you : you can then instantly share those with your friends or family via mail or on social networks! Thanks to the provided 4 GB MicroSD card, you can store up to a very impressive 2000 JPEG images (300 DPI, A4 color). There is no easier way to scan and share content.

Preview your scans on a bright 1,5”color screen

When you’re scanning on the go, you might want to be perfectly sure you have scanned a document correctly. That’s why IRIScan™ Book 5 features a bright and sharp 1,5” color screen to instantly preview what you just scanned. You don’t need to check on a computer or mobile device : simply look at the preview screen and erase any blurry or inaccurate scan. This ensures you get a high quality result everytime.

IRIScan Book

IRIScan Book 5

Windows Mac

IRIScan Book 5 Wifi

Windows Mac

 Transfer files via Wifi to ANY device
(iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, PC, Mac®, etc.)
 FREE IOS-Android App Yes
 Upload your documents to the Cloud in a single click! Yes Yes
 Readiris Pro (OCR software) included Readiris Pro 15 Readiris Pro 15
 Convert your paper documents into editable text files  Yes  Yes
 Fastest Book scanner on the market  30PPM  30PPM
 Scan all your documents without being
connected to your computer
Yes Yes
 External Memory : MicroSD card (included)  Yes  Yes
 USB 2.0 High speed connexion  Yes  Yes
 Resolution (DPI)  300, 600, 1200  300, 600, 1200
 Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery/ 3.7 V  Yes  Yes
 Battery : 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
 Scan directly to PDF or JPEG Yes Yes
 Scan several pages of a document and
get a Multi-page PDF
Yes Yes
 Create searchable PDF &
Reduce the size of your digital files
Yes Yes