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IRISBOND Eye Gaze System

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IRISBOND Eye Gaze System

IRISBOND Eye Gaze System


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The IRISBOND  Precise Precision is an eye tracking system that is used as a navigation tool for users with severe mobility limitations and who are unable to handle a mouse to access a computer. It allows the user to control and navigate their Personal Compter using their eyes. The Irisbond best suits people with disabilities such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Cerebral Palsy and many more.


  • Navigate a PC using an eye tracking system.
  • The IRISBOND Benefits users with mobility limitations.
  • Requires a USB port of a computer for a connection to use the IRISBOND  system.
  • The infrared light is harmless and invisible which generates a flash in the cornea of the user and is harmless to the human eye.
  • The video camera records the flare and is identified by a complex computer algorithms user’s pupils.
  • Information is processed in the computer through a previously installed application, the IRISBOND Primma.
  • The user’s eye movements are transformed into coordinates of a mouse position on a computer screen.
  • The position of the device should preferably be placed at the bottom of the screen, centered  and the user should be distanced between 50-80cm of the screen.
  • The interface guides the user and manages the system by a simple and intuitive way by eye movement.



Download the Irisbond Brochure:

Brochure IRISBOND Primma


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