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The terminal is intended for getting information about the organization (working hours, reception hours, names of employees, numbers of offices, events’ announcements), displays interactive plan of the building and ways inside it. There are two variants of terminals: wall terminals and floor terminals.

Special adaptive software developed by specialists of “Istok Audio Group” is an important feature and essential part of the terminal. It allows people with different kinds of disability to use and control the terminal.

Mode for hearing impaired people:

  • Includes a built-in induction system for transmitting audio signals to people with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This function is important because hearing impaired visitors can’t perceive the sound from the terminal’s speakers in conditions of ambient noise.
  • At the same time, information about accessibility of certain opportunities for people with hearing disabilities can be displayed (individual reception rooms with induction information systems, halls and other areas equipped with induction loops or FM-systems, etc.).

Mode for wheelchair users:

  • All informational components of the presentation is moved to the bottom of the screen, which allows wheelchair users or short people to manage the terminal and view information.
  • The screen scroll function is activated to display information that has moved down the bottom border. Scrolling up and down is carried out by a simple movement of fingers like in modern phones and tablets with touchscreen.

The percentage of the screen height can be set by the corresponding parameter in the settings depending on the terminal height and screen size.

Mode for visually impaired people:

  • High contrast color schemes for displaying texts and other elements (suitable scheme can be selected in the “additional scheme panel”).
  • Mode “screen magnifier”.
  • Possibility of increasing the image in standard view mode (buttons +/-).

The mode for visually impaired people includes an additional panel at the top of the screen, allowing you to switch between color schemes and use the screen magnifier.

Mode for blind people:

  • Automatic voice scoring of the text information.
  • Possibility to control the information by scoring menu items for blind users, including navigation through the presentation.

Mode for text messaging:

Communication through text messages with the staff of the organization who has installed the response software (textphone function): visitors can communicate by reading and typing texts through the touch keyboard with an employee of the organization or emergency dispatch service, call for help or ask for consultation.

Mode for video call:

The function of communication of visitors through video and voice connection with an employee of the organization or emergency dispatch service in order to call for help or ask for consultation.