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Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices

Input & Output Devices


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Input & Output Devices is a software program that allows students to identify input and output devices compatible with computers such as they mouse, keyboard, printers, CPU and VDU devices.



  • Input & Output Devices content pack contains 10 engaging interactive screens which are packed full of curriculum-based content.
  • A quiz containing 15 interactive and printable questions which will test students’ knowledge of Input & Output devices.
  • Includes a timed multiple choice activity in which students have to highlight 6 options that relate to the relevant topic.
  • Worksheets provide a summary of activities which reinforce the information covered in the interactive screens.
  • Ideal for home usage and in the classroom.
  • Students can use the software to prepare for their exams using the example exam questions.
  • Topics included are The CPU, Input & Output Devices.



  • Classroom License
  • Site License
  • Compatible with Mac and PC’s, Interactive whiteboards, projectors, slates and tablets