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Induction Loop Hear Here S System

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Induction Loop Hear Here S System

Induction Loop Hear Here S System


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Hear Here S information induction system is a compact and lightweight solution, easily fits desk and covers a radius of 1.5 m.

The system transmits the sound (voice from microphone, audio signal from the sound reproducing device) to individual hearing aids and cochlear implants by means of an induction signal, that’s why hearing impaired person could hear clearly in difficult acoustic conditions.

External radio microphone and built-in receiver provide unique convenient features of the system. This system is ideal for person to person contact in areas such as: banks, pay desk, post offices, small meeting rooms, reception desks, open space offices, ticket offices, other commercial and government servicing points.

Portable information system “Hear Here S” is used:

  • In cases where there is any obstacle between the interlocutors (for example, glass or plastic screen).
  • During negotiations or trainings of small groups with the participation of hearing aid users in difficult acoustic environment.
  • In situations where the talking interlocutor needs to move within the service delivery area
  • In situations where it is necessary to comply with the terms of this privacy statement; used instead of the standard negotiation systems.

The main advantages of «Hear Here S»:

  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to place the device on horizontal surfaces without taking up much space.
  • Provides the area of consistent reception of signal from 0.5 to 2.0 meters.
  • Easy integrated with electronic communication systems.

There are several modifications of «Hear Here S» differ in configuration:

  • «Hear Here S» standard modification with built in microphone
  • «Hear Here S + SD MMC + P» modification with built-in player (MP3, WMA), with USB, SD and MMC cards and possibility to play audio via Bluetooth
  • «Hear Here S + RF MIC S+ P» lavalier Microphone and player (MP3, WMA)
  • «Hear Here S + RF MIC L» with standalone RF microphone
  • «Hear Here S + RF MIC L + P» with RF standalone microphone and built-in player (MP3, WMA)


  • Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz or accumulator (accumulator life 2 hours)
  • Power consumption, max. 20 Wt
  • Frequency range 100 + 8 000 Hz
  • Panel dimensions (w/o power supply unit) 270 x 246 x 91 mm
  • Panel weight (w/o power supply unit) 2.0 kg
  • Recharge time 4 hours