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Index Braille Embosser FanFold-D V5

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Index Braille Embosser FanFold-D V5

Index Braille Embosser FanFold-D V5


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High-speed tractor-fed braille embosser

• 1000 pages/hour
• Low noise level
• Remote support via Internet
• High resolution tactile graphics
• Easy on-site maintenance
• Smart user interface

FanFold-D V5 is the new high-speed production Braille embosser based on the well proven BrailleBox V5 technology platform. It combines an excellent dot quality, high speed, low maintenance cost, and competitive price.

The principle construction of FanFold-D is simple. It uses the embossing and electronic modules of BrailleBox, the feeding mechanism of Basic-D, and the noise reduction technology of Index Acoustic Hoods. The combination of
these simple principles leads to an excellent result, the best traditional braille printer ever produced.

The FanFold-D is delivered on a pallet, ready to be used directly.