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HUE HD Pro Camera (Document & Web Camera)

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HUE HD Pro Camera (Document & Web Camera)

HUE HD Pro Camera (Document & Web Camera)


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At A Glance

Introducing the HUE HD Pro Camera: a lightweight, portable document camera and visualiser. Full HD 1080p resolution (1920x 1080), built-in LED lights and a high quality microphone. Compatible with apps that recognize a USB camera for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS and Linux.

The HUE HD Pro camera in a person's hand

Full HD (1080p)

The camera has a Full HD native video resolution of 1920×1080 (16:9 1080p). Its video can be scaled down on lower resolution screens.

Use as a document camera in a classroom with interactive TVs and smartboards or at home for homeschooling, working from home via video-conferencing. Live stream using apps such as, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Skype, QuickTime, Seesaw, Loom, FaceTime, Discord, Twitch, Slack, OBS, Webex, Chime and many more.

The camera is compatible with third party software in Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux distributions with UVC support.

Use the HUE HD Pro for making promotional and instructional videos, classroom and distance learning, live demonstrations, support and video conferencing. Whatever you’re doing, the image and sound quality are always crisp and clear.

HUE HD Pro camera with projector and annotations

Easy to use

There is no user training required as the camera is Plug & Play and can be used with most onboard camera apps i.e. Windows Camera, macOS QuickTime and Chrome OS Camera. Portable and lightweight, it can be used without its base by plugging the flexible camera neck directly into a USB port.

The camera’s adjustable neck allows you to choose your favorite position for video conferencing, sharing documents and live demonstrations.


Perfect for education, office and home whether you’re using it for homeschooling, online tutoring, working from home, remote monitoring, making instructional videos, animating, gaming or giving live demos.

The all-in-one HUE HD Pro camera contains everything you need to capture quality photos and video recordings without requiring an external microphone, tripod, or lights.

High-quality integrated microphone and LED lights

The built-in microphone is perfect for recording a music lesson, podcast, or gaming session as well as for distance learning, online classes, streaming or video calls with family and friends.The microphone features noise reduction/cancellation and a sampling rate of 8000/16000Hz.

In darker conditions the LED lights provide illumination for greater visibility. Simply tap on the head of the camera to switch them on and off.

Manual focus and magnification

The camera can capture a US letter/A4 page or a demonstration. The camera can act as a basic microscope, display Math manipulatives or, for example, demonstrate how a calculator is being used. Enable SEN students, or those with visual impairments, to fully participate in their classes by enlarging small objects or text. Maximum capture area: A3.

The camera’s optical lens has a focus range of 1cm ~ infinity. The manual focus can be used to magnify moving or handheld objects without the continuous automatic adjustments which occur with an autofocus lens.

The camera is perfect for close-up work where it is difficult or dangerous for everyone to watch at the same time, for example a science experiment or where social distancing is required.

Built to last

This hard-wearing, durable camera is designed to withstand many years of use in a busy classroom, home or office.

Optional software

Included with the camera is HUE Intuition for Windows and macOS. This software is a camera management app for capturing and annotating images, recording video with sound and flipping or mirroring the live feed. Included is a perpetual single user license for installation on multiple computers.



  • Full HD 1080p video capture
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Built-in USB microphone
  • LED camera lights
  • Full 360° rotation
  • Manual focus
  • Plug and Play
  • UVC compatible
  • Available in a choice of colors (blue, red, green and black)

Package Contents

  • HUE HD Pro camera
  • USB camera base
  • 1.5m USB (type A) to mini-USB cable
  • User guide (with software support activation code)
  • Single user license for the HUE Intuition software (for Windows/macOS only)

System Requirements

The HUE HD Pro camera will work on all computers which have a USB port and support UVC ‘plug and play’ cameras, including Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X 10.4.3 and later (including all version of macOS) and most Linux distributions. The camera can also be plugged directly into an interactive flat panel display if the panel has its own built-in operating system.

The HUE Intuition software is supported on Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP) and Mac OS X 10.6 and later (including all versions of macOS).

Technical Specification

  • USB powered
  • Wide-angle optical lens (80 degree field of view)
  • Maximum capture area: A3 (optimized for A4/US letter)
  • Focus range: 1cm ~ infinity
  • Video resolution (native): 1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Supports lower rates (0-30 fps contiguous)
  • Built-in USB microphone features noise reduction/cancellation
  • Microphone sampling rate: 8000/16000Hz