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HouseMate Home Control

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HouseMate Home Control

HouseMate Home Control


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Independently control your smart phone and use it to operate appliances in your home or work environment.

How it works 

Connect your switch

You can operate HouseMate with it’s built-in switch or you can connect up to five external switches. For joystick users interface cables are available for popular wheelchair controls.

housemate process

Launch the app

HouseMate is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Pressing your switch starts the scanning on the screen. Launch the HouseMate app to begin environmental control.

housemate how it works

Control your house

The app uses symbols to represent the appliances in your house. When you choose a symbol the control box transmits the corresponding InfraRed or Radio signal.

housemate how it works

The Switch

Whatever your ability there is a way to control your smart phone using HouseMate.

housemate switches

Switch control

There are literally dozens of accessibility switches available from a.t. companies today, each designed with a particular disability in mind. All of these are compatible with HouseMate. Buddy buttons, Sip & Puff controls, Proximity switches, etc. can all be used to control your device.

housemate chair

Joystick control

Imagine the convenience of being able to use your own wheelchair joystick to control your phone. Well, depending on the brand of electronics in your chair, now you can! Simply switch from driving mode to external access and, hey presto, your joystick is now controlling your phone.


Other access methods

As well as using your phone’s touch screen the Apps can be controlled with other input devices such as AbleNet’s Blue2, our own Point-It! joysticks and even Eye-Tracking devices. In this case HouseMate acts as a hub for controlling the devices in your home.

The App

iOS or Android ? Housemate is compatible with both. You choose.

housemate app

HouseMate Home Control

HouseMate is compatible with iOS Switch Control and Apple HomeKit technology.

housemate ios


HouseMate works in conjunction with the ClickToPhone app, giving switch and joystick users full access to Android devices.

housemate google play