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Headset – Speakers and Microphone

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Headset – Speakers and Microphone

Headset – Speakers and Microphone


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Headset – Speakers and Microphone

Edit Microsystems provide a variety of Headset- Speakers and Microphone devices to suit your needs. Portable headsets allow you you to engage in a variety of activities anywhere anytime.

Select the Headset suitable to your lifestyle

Our variety allows you to select the headset applicable to your preference, send us your specifications and our staff will find the right headset at the affordable price.


We supply a wide range of hardware from laptop computers, displays, monitors, tablets and many more. Our hardware is suitable for Primary schools and LSEN schools, have a look at our Clicker 6 program, and high schools, check out Yenka!  If you are blind or have low vision, contact us for more information on Dolphin Supernova.


Edit Microsystems supply mouse devices,  alternative mouse devices, switch & switch adapted devices and different communication aids for users with physical disabilities, low vision and blind.

The document camera is in place of the traditional overhead projector with technologically improved functionality. Edit Microsystems are resellers and aim to provide document cameras in all classrooms, boardrooms and labs around South Africa.

Edit Microsystems provide a range of NEC projectors to suit the needs of your classroom, conference and boardroom. The Supported software and applications on these projectors will enhance your educational and working environment allowing you to interact, collaborate and integrate your educational and business solutions.



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