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GuideWELD VR – Welding Simulation

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GuideWELD VR – Welding Simulation

GuideWELD VR – Welding Simulation


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Affordable  Welding Simulator

Guideweld VR is the latest, most affordable virtual welding simulator available for wlding training in schools , FET Colleges and industry-level training from Realityworks.


  • A stand-alone virtual reality MIG welding simulator – No internet, no licensing fees
  • Software installs locally on your computer
  • Real-time guides assist with developing correct technique
  • Record student’s virtual welds
  • No licensing fees
  • Create your own welding assignments through customizable WPS’s
  • 30 hours of curriculum


Record students’ welds and view, save and print individual assessments on  work angle, travel angle, speed and contact to work distance (CTWD).  Once students are proficient in their technique, use the complementary project GuideWELD LIVE with live welding on the workshop floor to continue their guidance with actual welding.

Perform virtual welds, for training or pre-testing on the following:

  • Tee, lap and butt joints
  • Steel, aluminum and stainless steel
  • 3 different metal thicknesses
  • 3 levels of difficulty

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

Don’t forget to check out GuideWELD LIVE – the live welding guidance system that puts an instructor right in your welding booth.