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GlassOuse v1.3 (END OF LIFE)

Editmicro » GlassOuse v1.3 (END OF LIFE)

GlassOuse v1.3 (END OF LIFE)

GlassOuse v1.3 (END OF LIFE)


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replaced with the GlassOuse v1.4

The GlassOuse is a wireless mouse alternative featuring built-in motion sensor to track head movements and convert them to move the mouse pointer. GlassOuse gives people with disabilities more control of their computers and devices for greater independence.

Key Features

Connects via Bluetooth

160 degree vertical and 180 degree horizontal angle precision

Hygienic, private use mouthpiece with waterproof cover; includes two waterproof silicone bite click covers

Sensitivity adjustment options to accommodate a range of users

Quick response time – takes less than a second to type a character

Bite click can withstand a great amount of pressure for hard biters

No special software required

“Sleep” mode to extend battery life

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Windows, Linux, Android, and Smart TV devices

Includes micro-USB cable for recharging