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FX Stat 3

Interact With Your Data

FX Stat is a statistics software program especially for secondary school teachers and students. Just what you need, with nothing extra. It is very easy to use, powerful and does things the way you want them done.

FX Stat creates a powerful, dynamic statistical environment for the exploration of data in all of its forms. Students and teachers will enjoy the ability to produce high-quality statistically correct graphics for use in tests, examinations, worksheets and assignments.

What is New in FX Stat 3

  • Two new graph types – Divided Bar Graphs and Link Graphs
  • Expanded data capacity – jumping from 500 rows to 10000 rows.
  • Mac support!

What Was New in FX Stat 2

  • Mix & Match Graph Types. As the image above shows, you can now mix graph types on one graph.
  • Higher Quality Graphs. Smoothed lines and transparency effects mean that you can create graphics that were not possible in FX Stat 1.

System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (NOT Windows 8 RT)
  • Our products MAY run on earlier versions of Windows with reduced functionality.
  • Efofex is currently working on a program to port its products to the Mac platform. Currently we have ported FX Graph and FX Stat to Mac. Other products will follow soon. Efofex products require Mac OSX 10.6 or later. We are currently working to try and reduce this OSX requirement.

Word Processors

  • Efofex products can integrate into most word processors but explicit support is provided for Microsoft Office 2000 and later.

Other Supported Products

  • Efofex provides support for use of our products in Microsoft Powerpoint


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